Orders and Vouchers

Use the Defense Travel System (DTS): DTS must be used for all orders and vouchers. You will be provided an itinerary 2 weeks before the start of your course; DTS orders will not be approved without a complete itinerary. One DTS order will cover the entire course, simply add unit funding data for expenses not paid by NDU (see below).

Civilian Fellows: Contact Pinnacle staff for order processing if your organization does not use DTS.

Orders and Vouchers: Pinnacle will provide Cross Organization (CrossOrg) funding 2 weeks before your course start date. Cross Org LOA will be 14 PINNACLE TVL.

NOTE:  Pinnacle does not reimburse costs of airline tickets from Washington, DC to Norfolk, but will reimburse a one way rental car. Tickets from Wash-Norfolk are cost prohibitive.

Fund Cites are not provided.

Expenses Covered by NDU

  • all lodging

  • all perdiem

  • airline tickets to Norfolk and from Washington DC (except as noted above).  All travel within the course is coordinated by NDU.

  • ATM fees

  • taxi fees to and from airports only

  • baggage tips

  • laundry (not to exceed $2 per day CONUS only, reimbursement, not entitlement)

Expenses Covered by Fellow’s Unit/Service

  • excess baggage

  • phone calls

  • internet usage fees

  • rental car